Re: Location of server logs

Bill Shannon

You can increase the log level in domains/domain1/config/ and that might give you more information about what's going on, but if the JVM is dying unexpectedly you might need to attach a debugger to find out what's causing the problem.

Derik Devecchio wrote on 12/22/17 06:42 PM:

I have a server running a domain.  For now, just the default domain1.

The application on the Java side of things works for a while and can send and receive information form the webpage (Java Script) through the web endpoint.

After a few minutes, (sometimes 30 seoncds some times 5 minutes) the server stops responding.   I find no instance of "java" form ps.  And if I restart the domain I do NOT get the error about how the port is already active.

I am trying to find out why it stops.  I am assuming there is a log somewhere that explains this but the only log I know of is the one in /domain1/logs/server.log.   That log has outputs form my program (the ones I send to System.out.println().   But nothing at the end of that log suggests there was a problem with my program.  

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