GlassFish-5.0-b15 is promoted and available for download

Arindam Bandyopadhyay

The latest GlassFish 5.0 promotion i.e glassfish-5.0-b15 is promoted and available for download. It can be downloaded from the following location

Following important changes are included in this build

Component updates

  • ant 1.10.1
  • antlr 2.7.7

Bugs Fixed

  • #22098 EE schema metadata-complete attribute should only be applicable to annotations without corresponding deployment descriptor element
  • #21496 Directory traversal exposes file system resources
  • #21867 update-connector-security-map cannot change user-groups based to principals based and vice versa.
  • #21355 Race condition in ConnectionPool (connectors-runtime)

Please do try out the bits and share your experience with us.