GlassFish-5.0-b17 is promoted and available for download

Arindam Bandyopadhyay

The latest GlassFish 5.0 promotion i.e glassfish-5.0-b17 is promoted and available for download. It can be downloaded from the following location

Following important changes are included in this build

Component updates

  • jersey 2.26-b09
  • commons-fileupload 1.3.3

Bugs Fixed

  • #21905 Using Hibernate 5.x and Oracle driver throws IllegalAccessException.
  • #21392 Web-service endpoint is not available for the deployed EJB application
  • #21190 Properties substitution issue
  • #22131 Improper message from start-domain
  • #21718  @priority Interceptor from external JAR not picked up
  • #22140 remove compile time dependency on BV 1.1 APIs and OSGi headers
  • #22132 Allow admin console to take a default context path of a web application.
  • #21486 Invoking a query in extended persistence context outside transaction clears it
  • #21365 No content from web application without web.xml

Please do try out the bits and share your experience with us.