page and redirects from

Ondrej Mihályi

Hi, GlassFish team,

I wonder if there's any roadmap for adding content to the page. It still says "Comming soon..." and the old page is down for more than a month already.
All the links to to the original page are broken and there's no way to access them now. I also hope that it's possible to setup a redirect from to for old links - even if the new links would be sometimes broken because the content may change, it would be really helpful to access the content also with old links because the internet is full of them.


David Delabassee

It's an oversight, that repo/site isn't used as GF is hosted in the javaee org.
Until we can handle the TLD issue, the official GF site is at
Note that we haven't migrated all the content yet. So if you feel something is missing, please let me know.



David Delabassee