Structural change in GlassFish code

Arindam Bandyopadhyay

We are planing to make the following changes in GlassFish source code structure to cleanup the repository.

1.Delete 'V2' directory - In time of GitHub migration, we have refactored the old trunk/v2/appserv-tests and put all valid tests under main/appserver/tests/appserv-tests/devtests in the GlassFish repository. Under top level v2/appserv-tests, we kept only those tests that haven't been refactored(mostly they are legacy and not running in CI). Instead of putting v2/ as a top level directory,we would be moving it under appserver/tests/v2-tests.

2.Delete copyright module - 'copyright' module is there in top level GlassFish repository just to hold a single file copyright-exclude.Moreover removing it would simplify running the copyright checks on the GlassFish workspace (remove the pre-requisite of building the copyright module)
We would split the configuration and maintain copyright excludes in different parts of the workspace.

3.Remove top level 'main' directory:In time of GitHub migration, we split glassfish~svn and created logical repositories. 'main' directory was there to separate GlassFish code from other code that used to reside under glassfish~svn/trunk. Post GitHub migration, as we have separate repository for each of the sub projects, now GlassFish GitHub repository contains only GlassFish source code. As main becomes redundant now, I am planing to remove 'main'.

Post refactoring, the top level directories/files would be

I have logged issue 21822 for this change.We are planing to push this changes in GlassFish GitHub repository early next week. If you have scripts that depend on the current directory structure, please update it after the change is pushed.

Arindam Bandyopadhyay

We have merged the change with javaee/glassfish master. Please refer Pull Request [1] for details.
Please make sure you update your branch in your Fork origin.

git checkout <your local branch>
git fetch upstream masterĀ  [Assuming upstream is javaee/glassfish ]
git merge upstream/master
git push origin <your remote branch>