Welcome to the new JSR-375 mailing list

Will Hopkins

JSR-375 Experts and Users:

Welcome to the new JSR-375 mailing list (javaee-security-spec@javaee.groups.io).

This list replaces the mailing lists previously hosted at java.net. There are no longer separate "experts" and "users" lists; this single list will be used for both purposes (which is a good simplification, since the old experts list was always forwarded to the users list anyway, creating lots of extra copies of emails). The java.net "issues" and "commits" lists will not be replicated here, but there are other mechanisms available to be notified of changes to the github source repos or issues lists.

I have been working on updating the spec for publication of the Public Review Draft. It's not quite done, but I plan to send an email later today detailing the major changes from the EDR and corresponding changes I expect to make to the API code.


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