Re: Restore write access for all EG members?

Arjan Tijms


After having a talk with Will over this and giving it some more thoughts I think it's probably better to let Will finalise the spec in a way he feels most comfortable with.

Probably most of the confusion about making commits arose from the 2 methods that were added to the SecurityContext, namely the method for determining access to web resources, and the one for getting all roles. From my point of view this was added even before the EDR was accepted, so that would normally be absolutely acceptable, but for Will it was at a point that everything was expected to be "basically done" (with only what's already there left to be evaluated cleaned/up).

Those are different points of views, and given more time I'm sure we could have come to a better understanding than we already reached, but that time is not there now. So in the interest of getting things done at all, I'm now agreeing with Reza to let things be done as Will feels most comfortable with ;)

So, let's round off the other threads that are open and make sure we can proceed to the next stage of the JCP process soon.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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