Moving to Java EE Github?

Werner Keil


At least before Proposed Final Draft I was wondering, if a move to the official GitHub organization for Java EE was planned any time soon?
If it isn't done now, then most likely all documents including the Spec etc. will have to refer to the existing GitHub organization and that needs to remain until e.g. a new Security JSR (follow up to 375) arises at some later point.

Moving it after it went Final would be confusing. So let's either try to do this now, or stay there till another JSR comes up for Security under Java EE 9 or later.

I assisted most of this transition for JSR 374 (JSON-P) so happy to help if given the right credentials and ability. I'm sure, others like Rudy or Arjan are equally happy to to help if Will and his colleagues at Oracle are busy with other duties or things only they can do at the moment (like writing the TCK;-)

Kind Regards,

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