Re: Moving to Java EE Github?

Ivar Grimstad

Hi Will,

It should be fairly risk free to move between organizations. You will, as Werner said, have to remove the existing javaee/security-spec repo to be able to do it. 
Another way is  to simply add the javaee/security-spec repo as a remote, typically

`git remote add javaee git@...:javaee/security-spec.git`

Then make sure you have pulled the latest from the existing repo before pushing. Beware that you may need to pull from javaee first and merge since there have been some changes done there that are not in the security-spec organization repo. You will also most likely have some conflicts with files present in both repos (CONTRIBUTING, README, LICENCE etc). Do a dry run first with the -n option to check...
Or you could do a push with force:

`git push javaee master --force`

This is how we did it with the MVC spec. The difference there is that we treat our mvc-spec organization as the master and treat javaee as a read-only mirror. I guess you will want to have it the other way round.

Are you planning to use the security-spec organization for anything, or remove it when everything has been moved to javaee?


On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 6:51 PM Will Hopkins <will.hopkins@...> wrote:
Is that something you tried when migrating other JSRs? My chief concern is a catastrophic failure (loss of the repo or some part of it) if the transfer doesn't go through, due to permissions problems, or because there's something different about the javaee organization compared to other organizations at github (because it's a corporate org).


On 07/05/2017 11:14 AM, Werner Keil wrote:
If a repository doesn't exist in the new organization under the same name and the user who tries to do it is at least admin of both (not sure, if ownership is needed and who has ownership of the JavaEE organization?) it should work.

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