Re: Moving to Java EE Github?

Werner Keil

Now as the Public Review Ballot is about to close (almost everyone voted, and it looks quite good, no "Jigsaw situation";-) how about moving the relevant repositories soon?

The git remote command based approach is unlikely to move any of the GitHub issues, so for those the entire repository would have to change ownership to a new organization from all I know.

There is one important point,
already has all the issues which look like they came from

So this repo MUST NOT be deleted there!
Seems the gh-pages branch is the only one created by default when it migrated from, so the owner or a user with sufficient admin rights should be able to create a new "master" branch and copy all the Asciidoc content over from has no issue tracker enabled, so it could be migrated either way, whether it is "git remote", transfer ownership or copying content into a new empty repository.

Soteria has quite a few issues, many still open, so for it migrating it in a way that takes those issues over sounds best. To my knowledge it can only be done if the user has full admin or owner rights in the new organization. For the other two repositories it could be possible for someone with push rights, depending on whether or not they can create branches or not. 

The example repository should be preserved in some place, either with JavaEE or in a different organization/project. Then potentially the organization could be taken down. If someone keeps the "sandbox" as drafts or notes, with the JSR well advanced now, most of the plausible ideas are on their way.


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