Re: Moving to Java EE Github?

Werner Keil

Since Java EE 8 does not reference anything other than the JCP detail page of JSR 375 we should be OK to move e.g. after PFD went out.

The Spec with (which has a history of several branches and release tags) and which has the entire JIRA history from seems the most tricky part. Somehow we need to find a compromise between the codebase and issues. IMO both are equally important.

With enough Git experience and the right credentials, it should be possible to import all of
into without losing any branch. The javaee repo only has "gh-pages" so "master" or any other branch and tags should be possible to import without having to delete either of the repos. And after it's succesful, the old one can be deleted. 

All other repositories probably best change ownerwhip if Will or somebody else at Oracle can transfer ownership between both organizations.


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