Re: Java EE and JWT (JSON Web Tokens)

Will Hopkins

I have reached out to JetBrains to:
  • Provide them with an updated spec and javadoc that I think should address at least some of their concerns.
  • Explain the decision we made to not implement OpenID Connect or OAuth2 based on the limited time we had to complete the JSR, and our view that JSR-375 is nonetheless useful on its own merits, and as a foundation on which things like OpenID Connect can be implemented.
  • Request more information about their concerns.

They've said they'll respond with more information; hopefully we can address their concerns.


On 07/10/2017 09:27 PM, David Blevins wrote:
Let me add I fully understand someone largely inactive popping up a the finish line and asking a massive scope creep question is frustrating.  I am understandably patient and really just curious on our thoughts.

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