Re: Poll for deciding Acronym

Will Hopkins

Rudy, thanks very much for setting this up. Did you include the last suggestion that came in (JSEC, I think)?

FAB is actually scheduled to start next Tuesday, on August 8th, but Werner is right that there's no hurry about this. We won't make any changes to the spec until the ballot is complete. There are people starting to work now on Glassfish doc and the Java EE tutorial, but they won't be done for a while (weeks, at least).

A week or so seems fine for the poll.



On August 5, 2017 5:42:17 AM EDT, Werner Keil <werner.keil@...> wrote:

I am not sure, if there's such a hurry to find one. Since it is also holiday and some people may be on vacation, why not keep it a week or so?
The FAB has not even started yet, but an acronym is not likely what we need in the EC to vote on it. Since PFD Review will probably go on for 30 days we should see a FAB the week after next week, at least that would be around the 14th.


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