Re: Improving the JSR 375 website

Werner Keil


At least JSON-B also has only a spec repository:
Everything else is at Eclipse in its case, the API and spec document actually seem in the same repository. So either the API (because that would bring the term into the web address) or spec sounds best. Soteria could have its own page if it was worth the effort. At least under I remember both the spec/API and RI did have two different pages for JSON-P. JSON-B does not seem to use more than the statistics pages by Eclipse.

I should be able to get an OCA to PMO soon, but it might take a little while to process. So maybe not so easy to actually merge a PR, but I'll also review them where I can.
If the release is out and there's enough time for a site, I am happy to help with that based on my experience with JSON-P which I did almost by myself.


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