Re: Improving the JSR 375 website

David Delabassee

On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 07:17 pm, Will Hopkins wrote:
These are all great ideas, and I'd love to see the web site improve, BUT ... the priority for the next couple of days needs to be fixing RI bugs by Tuesday (the GF RI code freeze). The work I did Friday/Saturday needed to be done, but the reason I did it then was because the project site was referenced by the transparency checklist I submitted for FAB, and I wanted to make sure there was actually something there if someone visited the site while evaluating the FAB submission.
I agree with Will. And in fact, we have many things to do between now and JavaOne... including finishing Java EE 8! ;-)
If one want to improve the site, that's more than welcome but may I suggest to stick to the current layout for now?
This layout is not super fancy but it's common to many sites. There are a few things that each site needs to have (e.g. license, and there are various moving parts that we don't really have time to document now.
Some standard links can be configured in
I also like the JSON-B landing page so maybe the current landing page should be improved to be more 'to-the-point'? Maybe add a Doc page too?

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