Re: Testing JSec?

Will Hopkins

Hi Saeed,

The latest GF build should have Soteria in it already.

We have not published a recent "release" version of Soteria, or the API, although there are "promoted" builds and snapshots at Also your pom.xml snippet is very out of date -- the GAV values are incorrect. Have a look at the current poms to see what they should look like. is a good place to start getting familiar with the current state of the spec, API, and RI for JSR-375.



On 08/08/2017 01:21 PM, Saeed wrote:
Hello everyone from Accra Ghana. I would like to test out Soteria with the just published Glassfish promoted build 18. However adding the following dependency to my pom.xml results in maven throwing an error saying it cannot locate the artifacts. Pardon my ignorance if the solution is something very simple. Thanks in advance. 


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