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Arjan Tijms


On Wednesday, August 9, 2017, Saeed <sinaisix@...> wrote:
Hi. I've been looking at the test examples and so far I'm able to follow them. However I'm at a loss about how to declare a specific set of say JSF pages as protected.

A specific set of JSF pages can be protected in web.xml using a security constraint.

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In Shiro, I can declare in the shiro.ini file that /foo/* is protected so only logged in users with certain roles can access it.

I'm not sure if I've seen such with JSec yet.  Again pardon me if I miss the obvious.

Thanks in advance


On 9 Aug 2017 17:46, "Guillermo González de Agüero" <z06.guillermo@...> wrote:
Great to hear that! The tests are indeed the best way to get started right now.

We an to write some documentation but we're still busy finishing Soteria for its release in the next couple of weeks.

Please don't hesitate to ask for help on any doubt you have. And we will specially welcome any bug reports you can make.

Hope you enjoy!


Guillermo González de Agüero

El mié., 9 de agosto de 2017 15:07, Saeed <sinaisix@...> escribió:
Thanks. Got it to work. Checking out the samples in the RI code repo. I think I'm getting the hang of this, coming from the Apache Shiro way of thinking. Once again thanks everyone for your input



On 8 August 2017 at 17:48, Guillermo González de Agüero <z06.guillermo@...> wrote:
Hi Saaed,

Thanks for your interest! As Will has already stated, latest promoted versions of GlassFish already integrate JSR 375, so you won't need Soteria dependency, just the API.

The latest version GlassFish has integrated is 1.0-b11 [1] so your dependency should be:


The problem you are finding is that artifacts are still not being uploaded to Maven Central, but to, so you will need to add the Maven repository:


GlassFish has just upgraded the version, so you should better try a nightly build if possible to benefit of the latest bugfixes.

Pleas don't forget to create issues for any bug or inconsistency you find!


Guillermo González de Agüero


El mar., 8 ago. 2017 a las 19:33, Saeed (<sinaisix@...>) escribió:
Hello everyone from Accra Ghana. I would like to test out Soteria with the just published Glassfish promoted build 18. However adding the following dependency to my pom.xml results in maven throwing an error saying it cannot locate the artifacts. Pardon my ignorance if the solution is something very simple. Thanks in advance. 


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