Re: JSR-375 Session at JavaOne

Werner Keil

Guess I'm good with fewer JavaOne talks now anyway, because M2M Summit approved my talk right after JavaOne in Germany. 
And after it was at Messe Düsseldorf a few years, this time it gets co-located with StartupCon in LANXSS Arena Cologne:
After Metallica gave 2 concerts there and Helene Fischer 6 right before M2M Summit.
So a real Rock Star venue, the kind of place Adam might usually talk at ;-)

I did sessions on this topic (Quantified Social) from Social Media Weeks (also big events with Thousands of attendees total) to JavaLand, but I guess I'll try to brush it up a bit.
And hopefully I could use Agorava 1.0 underneath the hood of Quantifier, then the audience should also see a bit of JSR 375 in action (Agorava 1.0 is meant to use Java EE 8 and Soteria)

Could be a nice opportunity to make Dozens or even Hundreds of aspiring Startup founders aware of Java Security and EE 8...


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