Re: ACTION REQUIRED: JSR-375 Expert Group

Bill Shannon

Will Hopkins wrote on 08/10/17 06:17 PM:

So the category of "trivial" changes you describe corresponds to the description of errata in your JCP Processes writeup?
No, the kinds of trivial changes that might be make between FAB and Final Release are a small subset of errata.

That being the case, what JCP process applies to errata? I didn't see a reference to it on the process or spec lead pages (though I didn't do a deep dive). Is errata something I can just do? Does it get vetted or approved somehow? How do I document it (i.e., with a change list or something)?
As the page says:

Which process do I use for which change?

We always use the Maintenance Release process for spec errata.

Lastly, would acknowledgements fall into the category of errata? I'd like to acknowledge Alex Kosowski's role as spec lead getting the JSR off the ground.
I would consider that a trivial change.

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