Move security-examples repo to Java EE org at GitHub?

Will Hopkins


I'd like to make the security-examples repo an "official" repo for the JSR, and move it into the Java EE org. The GF doc/samples team is looking for JSR-375 samples, and it makes sense to me to keep this repo as the home for JSR-375 samples. Does that work for everyone?

Also, we'll eventually need to clean up/delete the javaee-security-spec org since the JSR's official home is now the Java EE org. There is a stale copy of the security-spec repo that can be deleted; other than that, and assuming security-examples is moved, the only remaining repo is the security-proposals where, if I understand the history, some of the initial proposals/POCs were kept.

Do we need the security-proposals repo? If so, which content specifically? Could it be kept somewhere else?

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