Re: Move security-examples repo to Java EE org at GitHub?

Will Hopkins

OK, I'll do that then.

To summarize:
  • I'll move the security-examples repo to the Java EE org, probably within the next several days.
  • At some point soon, I'll preserve the "authorization" proposals from security-proposals, as a security-spec issue, with the code content either attached to the issue or preserved in gh-pages there.
  • I will then delete the remaining, unneeded repos at (i.e., security-spec, which has been cloned to, and security-proposals, which will no longer have any content that we need to preserve), and the organization itself.
I'm in no hurry to do anything except move the security-examples repo, but will proceed with the rest at some point over the next several weeks if I don't hear any objections.



On 08/15/2017 01:29 PM, Guillermo González de Agüero wrote:

El mar., 15 de agosto de 2017 18:11, Will Hopkins <will.hopkins@...> escribió:
Werner, I'm not sure what this is in reference to. Is it the security-proposals repo?

If so, I think the question is about the nature and value of the content, and whether, therefore, it should be preserved.

I just took a look at what's there, and I think we actually implemented almost all of it -- everything except the "authorization" module -- so maybe the thing to do is to zip up the authorization module, and attach it to a security-spec issue for a future 1.1 or MR release. That way it will be available as a starting point for any future work we undertake. (If we can't attach files, perhaps we can check it into gh-pages and link to it from the issue.)
I was about to propose that. Moving it to the gh-pages branch (or another "proposals" branch, linked from the website) would be enough for me. That, in addition to the old documents would constitute a solid historic reference.

Does that seem reasonable?

On 08/15/2017 12:02 PM, Werner Keil wrote:
Adam had this "Java EE Best Practices" repo once, but it may have died with

Java EE Examples would sound more like the examples, but in theory could host the proposals, because it has a lot of fancy stuff like Docker or JBoss Forge samples.

Arjan, do you have admin rights there? Or somebody else?
Otherwise I could only think of a personal repo by someone.


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Will Hopkins | WebLogic Security Architect | +1.781.442.0310
Oracle Developer Experience
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