Release 1.0 in Maven Central and its dependency tree

Ashley Richardson


Now that the 1.0 release is posted on Maven Central, can someone just check if I am following the POMs completely wrong: 1.0 contains the following dependency:


That ${api_dependency_version} comes from the parent POM at org.glassfish.soteria:parent 1.0

In that parent POM that property is listed as 1.1-b01-SNAPSHOT

However on Maven Central that version does not exist and only versions b05-b11 plus 1.0 exist

I only noticed this as I am updating a project to use Soteria 1.0 from b07 and the build no longer runs due to dependencies not being found.

Can someone please check my train of logic and if I did follow this correctly what can we do to fix it up?


Ashley Richardson

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