Re: Release 1.0 in Maven Central and its dependency tree

Will Hopkins

The other thing you can do is build with "mvn -P release". That's how the 1.0 implementation jar was built with a dependency on the 1.0 final API jar.

Maven doesn't make it easy to release things that also need to be built in snapshot mode, and the release plugin is helpful in someways but unhelpful in others. If anybody has any ideas how to code the pom file so it works better I'm open to suggestions. Meanwhile I'll figure out what the options are for publishing an updated release and publish something that has a 1.0 API dependency in snapshot mode (probably not until sometime next week -- taking vacation this week).


On 09/21/2017 07:59 PM, Ashley Richardson wrote:

Specifying the API version at 1.0 does indeed fix the dependency and build problem.

I'll just add a Github issue reflecting my original email to the Soteria repository so its at least documented and tracked.


Ashley Richardson

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