Re: Independent JSR 375 implementation

Arjan Tijms


First of all thanks for the reply, good to see you here again ;)

There's some things that are best changed in the API, specifically the CDI 2.0 inspired annotation instances/builders. If I'm not mistaken, CDI 1.2 and JSF 2.1 (two MRs done outside Java EE) could not been officially included into Java EE 7 resp EE 6 either, but many vendors choose to include these versions anyway.

Private modifications to the RI are probably not so nice in this case, as it concerns things that should be available everywhere, so also on Liberty.

There's an amount of RI implementation things to be done though, basically just small bugs. There's a bug where the URL attribute of the ldap store was accidentally left constant, and I think there's a NPE somewhere if the password is left blank in the BASIC mechanism. My guess would be that those things would be relatively easy to do; release a Soteria 1.0.1 with just bug fixes.

Unless a MR can still be done, maybe the best way forward is to incubate the mentioned changes in an OmniFaces like library, perhaps OmniJSR375 or so.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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