Re: Independent JSR 375 implementation

Werner Keil


I spoke with David Delabassee yesterday after his Java EE talk at JVM-Con. He sounded quite reluctant of a MR. So better wait for EE4J.

However, if you look at JSON-P, at least 2 "patch" releases were published officially to MavenCentral without a MR:

So this seems possible. For slightly different reasons (there the Maintenance Lead is completely inactive and unavailable for 2 years, more like what EE 8 had in 2016;-/) we also did a patch release at JSR 354. However both patch releases only contain tiny things, sometimes just a typo in the JavaDoc or a JUnit test not properly annotated, etc. This is not something for any structural change. If it is also adding or changing an annotation or fixing an accidential "magic number" I would suggest exploring the way JSR 374 did it already.


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