Re: Independent JSR 375 implementation

Bill Shannon

I hope everyone is clear on the difference between spec and implementation.  Spec changes require use of the JCP, implementation changes do not.

If there are bugs in the Soteria implementation of JSR 375, those can be fixed without using the JCP.  We just need to coordinate those changes with the contribution to the Eclipse Foundation and with a potential GlassFish bug fix release.

Any changes/fixes/enhancements to the APIs needs to wait until the EE4J spec process is defined.

Werner Keil wrote on 11/29/17 08:54 AM:


I spoke with David Delabassee yesterday after his Java EE talk at JVM-Con. He sounded quite reluctant of a MR. So better wait for EE4J.

However, if you look at JSON-P, at least 2 "patch" releases were published officially to MavenCentral without a MR:

So this seems possible. For slightly different reasons (there the Maintenance Lead is completely inactive and unavailable for 2 years, more like what EE 8 had in 2016;-/) we also did a patch release at JSR 354. However both patch releases only contain tiny things, sometimes just a typo in the JavaDoc or a JUnit test not properly annotated, etc. This is not something for any structural change. If it is also adding or changing an annotation or fixing an accidential "magic number" I would suggest exploring the way JSR 374 did it already.


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