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Will Hopkins

I can't speak to what was done with JSON-P, but I think Bill's point is that any changes to the spec/api at this point need to follow the JCP process, or they aren't "official" -- they can't be considered part of any recognized standard or specification.

It's possible the changes may eventually be merged into an MR, or EE4J under the Eclipse process, but anyone relying on the them now is: a) taking a chance that the changes won't make it into any future standard; and, b) needs to understand that any products built on the new changes won't be EE 8 compliant.

Having discussed this some internally, the consensus here is that we think the best path forward is to wait until JSR-375 is migrated to Eclipse/EE4J, then make changes on a branch in preparation for an eventual MR/release.

The first batch of Java EE projects is currently in process being migrated to Eclipse. JSR-375 can be in batch #2. It's hard to predict exactly when that will happen, since this is a new process, but JSR-375 is pretty clean from the standpoint of 3rd party dependencies and licensing requirements, so we expect the migration to go smoothly. We can't commit a specific date for migration, but we would expect it to be sometime in Q1/2018; with luck, it might be early in the quarter.

After migration, changes still can't be made to the "mainline", as the first task once everything's migrated over is to ensure that all the projects, and EE8, can still be built, including TCKs, and that the TCKs run and pass. Only after EE8 is confirmed to be fully and correctly migrated can further changes be made.

That said, changes can be made on a project branch as soon as the code repos are up -- so work could begin under the Eclipse rules. Assuming that the Eclipse rules allow for publishing intermediate works, an unofficial update could be published, and eventually incorporated into an official MR/release. All in all, this seems like the most expedient/quickest way to get changes to the API released.

Does that seem reasonable to folks?


On 11/30/2017 08:59 AM, Werner Keil wrote:
I hope everyone is clear, that javax.json-api is the API/Spec, not implementation of JSR 374?
I asked Dmitry, if they were intended to be merged into the EE4J project or a fix/Patch, etc. of Java EE 8, but those changes in JSON-P were done without MR to the API, not the Glassfish RI (which was probably updated, too)

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