Dependency Bug in Soteria 1.0

Werner Keil


I just found a very bad bug in Soteria 1.0 as it's out there in MavenCentral since August 2017 ;-/
I can't even set labels like "bug" but it is clearly a major bug and showstopper from using Soteria unless you run Maven/Gradle etc. in a public web or cloud where Snapshot repositories are available:

When I switch the Java EE dependency to Java EE 8, it seems to work, but the container I'm supposed to use is not Java EE 8 compatible yet nor do any productive Java EE containers out there support EE 8. At most you get betas like Payara 5. 

Without such fix I may be able to abandon Soteria in the actual PoC for now and stick to APIs in JAX-RS with similar functionality (like SecurityContext) 
Hope this can be fixed in the org.glassfish.soteria groupId rather than having to wait for the new EE4J project to release something eventually?


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