Code Soteria repository no longer inlinewith API repository

Werner Keil

When will the repository be moved to the JavaEE space btw.?


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From: Arjan Tijms
Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2017 21:59
Subject: Re: [javaee-security-spec] Code Soteria repository no longer inlinewith API repository


Hi Rudy,


Will took away the commit rights of everyone prior to the PRD being published, so at the moment it's not possible to correct the state. Hopefully those rights at restored soon.


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Arjan Tijms




On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 9:47 PM, Guillermo González de Agüero <z06.guillermo@...> wrote:



There's already a PR from Ashley Richardson:


Have you tried to compile from it?





Guillermo González de Agüero


El dom., 28 de mayo de 2017 21:40, Rudy De Busscher <rdebusscher@...> escribió:

Hi All,


I was trying to update some examples I have for a presentation with Soteria.


But the current code in Github gives me issues.


It points to 1.0-m03-SNAPSHOT of the API but API itself is already changed to 1.0-m04-prd (and even 1.0-m05-SNAPSHOT yesterday) with some breaking changes in method signatures. (see diffs here for example


(And my 1.0-m03-SNAPSHOT artifact is 2 months olds so can't get Soteria up and running for the moment) 


Has someone the time and is willing to do the required updates to Soteria (I probably won't have the time to do this the next few days)


Otherwise, I try to do it myself by the end of the week.