Update Soteria to latest version API : pull request for review

Rudy De Busscher

Hi All,

I have updated the Soteria version to 1.0-m06-SNAPSHOT.

I also used the 1.0-b06 version of the API, and thus updated the imports to reflect the new package structure within API.

The work can be viewed here

When there are no objections, I integrate it on Friday 16/6 into the main branch.

Best regards

Werner Keil


Where is the Maven snapshot repository now?
JFrog, Java.net or somewhere else?

Werner Keil

I can see the Snapshots on JFrog OSS, but where do milestone builds like b05, b06, b07 etc. go?

Arjan Tijms

In one of the other threads (https://github.com/javaee-security-spec/soteria/pull/70) Will mentioned that he's right now looking at getting them into maven.java.net.

Arjan Tijms

I additionally tagged the version Rudy did as 1.0-b06 and bumped the version to 1.0-b07-SNAPSHOT. Builds don't mean a terribly lot, but since we didn't had much tags in the RI repo yet (only m01 was tagged), this seemed like a good moment for a tag.