Welcome to the new JSR 366 mailing list

Linda DeMichiel

Welcome to the new JSR 366 mailing list!

This list replaces the Java EE Expert Group mailing lists that were
previously hosted on java.net. This is now a single mailing list which
includes both experts and users.

Our transition from java.net has thus far gone remarkably smoothly,
and is expected to result in only a very minimal delay from our
previously announced completion target of July.

All but one of our Java EE 8 component JSRs are now at the Public
Review stage or later, and all but one of our targeted MRs have been
posted for review or completed. Among the most recent accomplishments
are the Final Releases of JSON-P 1.1 and CDI 2.0, and the submission
of JPA and JavaMail for Maintenance Review. The Java EE Security API
spec will appear shortly for Public Review and the Interceptors spec
for Maintenance Review. The Java EE 8 Platform and the Bean Validation
specs will begin their Public Review Ballot phase next week.



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