Java EE 8 PR review

Kevin Sutter

Hi Linda and Bill,
Trying out this new mailing list...  I don't see any existing messages yet, so it's been pretty quiet...

I just finished reviewing the PR drafts for the Platform and Web Profile Java EE 8 specifications.  Looks good.  Not a lot of changes since the EDR2, mainly clean up.

A couple of items though...

o  You still have references to Java Batch 1.1 MR in the TOC, Table EE.6-1, and Section EE.6.18.  I know we talked about an MR for Java Batch, but that never became real.  So, these references should be reverted to Java Batch 1.0.  (BTW, section EE.9.7 is okay.  You missed that one.)

o  I'm still not thrilled with the new dependency on JASPIC for Security 1.0 and, in turn, the Web Profile.  I know we already talked about this in the mailing lists and my concern was overruled by the majority, so I'll live with it.  But, it still seems kind of backward to require this archaic spec in the Web Profile.  (I'll brace myself for the hate mail on that remark.  Smile.)

Other than that, it looks good.


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