Re: Application Client and Security 1.0?

Linda DeMichiel

Hi Kevin,

This looks like a cut-and-paste bug. 

Table EE.6-1 indicates that Security 1.0 is not a requirement for Application Clients.

Thanks again for your diligence in reviewing the spec.


On 6/6/17, 1:19 PM, Kevin Sutter wrote:
Looking at Figure EE.2-1 and I see that Security 1.0 is listed as part of the Application Client.  I knew about the discussion to include Security 1.0 in the Web Profile.  I was not aware of it being included in the App Client.  I don't know if I have strong opinions one way or the other on this one...  But, if it is meant to be included in the App Client, then don't we also have to include JASPIC in the app client (due to the dependency of Security on JASPIC)?

Was the inclusion of Security in the App Client discussed and I missed it?  In any case, an update to the Figure will be required to get the App Client definition properly updated.  Is this Figure the only location where the specific content of the App Client is defined?


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