Inconsistent or incomplete usage of @Repeatable

Kevin Sutter

I know we discussed this back in May of 2016, but actual practice is causing us to scratch our heads...  Without the @Repeatable annotation usage being spelled out at the Platform level, we're discovering some inconsistent or incomplete usage patterns.

For example, JPA has stepped up to use the @Repeatable annotation on several of their annotations.  And, Common Annotations has identified the use with @Resource and @DataSourceDefinition.  But, what about @EJB?  It seems that this would be another valid usage of @Repeatable.  So, with each spec deciding for themselves whether to support @Repeatable, we don't have a consistent story for our users.  It won't be intuitive.  Sometimes you can skip the plural form of the annotation, and sometimes you can't.  You'll just have to "know"...

I haven't thought through every plural Annotation usage, so I'm not sure if the @EJB is the only miss.  If we're down to just a handful of misses, should we step up to support these additional @Repeatables in Java EE 8?

Thanks, Kevin

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