Re: Question on transaction propagation in EJB remoting

Bill Shannon

Yes, transaction propagation is required, but interoperability of transaction propagation between vendors is unspecified.

klaus.rothert@... wrote on 08/10/2018 05:30 AM:


we recently looked into IBM Liberty as Java EE container and were very suprised to find that it does not support inbound or outbound transaction propagation. Asking our IBM contact about that we were told that supporting transaction propagation over IIOP is nothing they intend to support.

Isn't supporting transaction propagation over IIOP a requirement as of Java EE 7 and 8?
In the specefication I can't find a specific requirement.

In EE. it is mentioned that

Note that while RMI-IIOP doesn’t specify how to propagate the current
security context or transaction context, the EJB interoperability specification does
define such context propagation.
which kind of implies transaction propagation.

In the EJB 3.2 interoperability specification I can only find

10.6 Transaction Interoperability
Transaction interoperability between containers provided by different vendors is an optional feature in this version of the EJB specification
which to my understanding only means its optional between different vendors. Which implies it is not optional with containers from the same vendor.

Could you please help me to clarify this.

Best regards
Klaus Rothert

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