Re: Question on transaction propagation in EJB remoting

Bill Shannon

Yes, sorry, Kevin is right.

Transaction propagation is only required within a single product instance, which (depending on the architecture of the product) might involve multiple processes (e.g., a cluster).  Transaction propagation between two separate installations of the same vendor's product is not required.

What's the exact situation where you were expecting transaction propagation to work?

Kevin Sutter wrote on 08/16/2018 01:28 PM:

Hi Klaus,
In section E. Transaction Requirements, there is the following statement.  Liberty fully supports this "local" transaction propagation.

Note that this transaction propagation requirement applies only to invocations
of enterprise beans in the same Java EE product instance[1] as the invoking
component. Invocations of enterprise beans in another Java EE product
instance (for example, using the EJB interoperability protocol) need not prop-
agate the transaction context. See the EJB specification for details.

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