URL redirects from java.net pages to new pages on github?

Ondrej Mihályi

Dear Java EE and java.net maintainers,

Since java.net was shutdown, most of the content has been migrated to github. However, although much of the content is available, it's not easy to find it because there are still many links refereing to java.net on the internet and even search engines like google yield these old links among the to results.

Is it possible to set up a redirect from java.net to the new pages for the content that is already migrated and easy to map from the old URL to the new URL?
This should be easy for all JIRA issues migrated to github issues, because the issue ID was preserved in github. Many JIRA issues are also referenced from SCM commits and it's not easy to find the issue information now. Also, project pages should be rather easy to redirect - e.g. grizzly.java.net to grizzly.github.io and the same for glassfish once the page is migrated to glassfish.github.io. It's a pity that the content is (or will be) there, but old links won't work for it.

I hope this can be sorted out in the future, otherwise Java EE will become very confusing for developers with all those broken links all over the internet. The is damaging even now and the current state will become catastrophic and unreversible for Java EE in a longer term if not mitigated.