JavaMail 1.6.0 Release Candidate 2

Bill Shannon

Welcome to the new home of JavaMail at GitHub and!

A second "release candidate" version of JavaMail 1.6.0 is now available.
There's a few bug fixes relative to the rc1 release related to the UTF-8

At this point, I expect NO changes for the final release.

The 1.6.0 release contains API improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements,
including the following significant changes:

- Use of Java generics in most APIs
- Support for internationalized email addresses (RFC 6530/6531/6532)
- Support for SMTP CHUNKING (RFC 3030)
- Support for connecting through web proxy servers

The full list of changes is in the file CHANGES.txt, viewable in the
source code repository here:

The API changes in JavaMail 1.6 are described here:

The JavaMail 1.6 specification Maintenance Review is now underway at the JCP:
The ballot will finish on July 10. Assuming it passes, I expect to produce
the final JavaMail 1.6.0 release shortly thereafter.

The JavaMail javax.mail-1.6.0-rc2.jar file is available in the
Maven Repository starting here:
It is also available from the Maven Central repository.

You'll find the source code for this version in the repository
of the JavaMail project on GitHub:

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The JavaMail Team