status of JavaMail move to the Eclipse Foundation

Bill Shannon

I was hoping the move of the JavaMail project to the Eclipse Foundation
would be complete by now, but we ran into some legal issues with other
contributions that impacted JavaMail as well. We think we've resolved
those issues so I hope the move will be back on track soon.

Some of you may have noticed that the JavaMail project was "frozen"
while waiting for the move, and that bugs couldn't even be submitted.
I unfroze the project a few weeks ago while waiting for these legal
issues to be resolved. In the mean time several bugs have been reported
and I've fixed them for JavaMail 1.6.2.

Once I'm sure that everything is really on track for the move, I'll freeze
and release JavaMail 1.6.2. The project should appear at the Eclipse
Foundation very shortly afterwards. With luck this will happen sometime
in August.

The Eclipse project for JavaMail home page is here:

The repository will be here (but has not been created yet):

After the move, this mailing list will be deprecated and we'll switch to
the Eclipse mailing list:

If you haven't already done so, you might want to create an Eclipse account
and subscribe to the javamail-dev mailing list.