Re: CDI integration

Sergey Beryozkin


Sorry, this is not what I meant. On the opposite I think EE is underestimated and many users (like myself) simply do not understand it well.
As I said, I fully support the cause for JAX-RS users get the most out of what EE provides (top CDI support - surely CXF will do it first :-), etc).

But what I also said that as it happens there are strong non EE offerings are also available. Historically, JAX-RS came to the world completely unconstrained, at the cost (from the EE point of view) introducing its own injection mechanism. IMHO this is why JAX-RS is the main competitor today (and a good portion of JAX-RS API is clearly better IMHO) to what for example SpringWS (RS ?) offers.

I'd just to see JAX-RS continuing staying visible and competitive not only in the EE world...

Cheers, Sergey

On 31/05/17 12:38, Arjan Tijms wrote:

I think what you're saying here is that because some users think Java EE is not good, we as Java EE people should partially abandon it instead of making it better?

Maybe the entire reason that some people think Java EE is not so good is because it's not really integrated well?

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