Re: CDI integration

Pavel Bucek

consider this as a subthread :)

On 02/06/2017 16:27, Guillermo González de Agüero wrote:

Ad @Stereotype - I'd need to check whether we can easily do that, since it would create a dependency on javax.enterprise.inject. I don't understand the remark about that annotation not being there in the runtime - it will be there, it has retention runtime (otherwise it wouldn't work)

I meant CDI will only be needed at (JAX-RS implementation) compile time. Applications won't need it as annotations not present on the classpath are just erased at runtime. So people using Spring or wathever non-CDI framework won't see any difference. Hope it clearer now?

To be absolutely honest, I'd expect CNFE or something like that. I already wrote a test, which corresponds to what you wrote ;) So thanks for that info, I wasn't aware of this behavior.

There is a little (forward) issue with this - similarly to any other "optional" dependency, there will be issues with this when Java 9 modules are used. Once the dependency on CDI API is declared in JAX-RS API module-info, CDI API will be required on the module path of any JAX-RS enabled app/code (at least for compilation).

Not saying that is a deal breaker, it's just something we need to consider.


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