Re: CDI integration

Sergey Beryozkin

IMHO it would be a deal breaker, please do not make strong deps on CDI in JAX-RS API.
It will affect non-EE and non-CDI RI, CXF, RestEasy users who will get annoyed and move elsewhere and it is in our interests to ensure it does not happen.
Lets do the best CDI integration ever but avoid losing the 'independence' of the core JAX-RS API.

Cheers, Sergey

On 02/06/17 16:32, Pavel Bucek wrote:

consider this as a subthread :)

On 02/06/2017 16:27, Guillermo González de Agüero wrote:

Ad @Stereotype - I'd need to check whether we can easily do that, since it would create a dependency on javax.enterprise.inject. I don't understand the remark about that annotation not being there in the runtime - it will be there, it has retention runtime (otherwise it wouldn't work)

I meant CDI will only be needed at (JAX-RS implementation) compile time. Applications won't need it as annotations not present on the classpath are just erased at runtime. So people using Spring or wathever non-CDI framework won't see any difference. Hope it clearer now?

To be absolutely honest, I'd expect CNFE or something like that. I already wrote a test, which corresponds to what you wrote ;) So thanks for that info, I wasn't aware of this behavior.

There is a little (forward) issue with this - similarly to any other "optional" dependency, there will be issues with this when Java 9 modules are used. Once the dependency on CDI API is declared in JAX-RS API module-info, CDI API will be required on the module path of any JAX-RS enabled app/code (at least for compilation).

Not saying that is a deal breaker, it's just something we need to consider.


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