Re: CDI integration

Sergey Beryozkin

Why are we talking about JSF ? All JAX-RS stacks have been doing very well so far as far taking care of their users, and somehow they have managed to do it without CDI being a required dependency. I know many do use CDI with CXF, RI for sure, and very likely RestEasy, which I'm happy with. This relentless push to get CDI as a required dep won't help with the cause of spreading JAX-RS beyond EE boundaries. I've no more energy left to continue this discussion, sorry, glad I'm away for the next week and a bit

Have fun

On 02/06/17 22:12, Arjan Tijms wrote:
Can you give me any good reason why we should keep @ManagedBean? It has been deprecated already and everything in and around it has been superseded by CDI. Also remember that pruning is a multi release process, so if we announce it to be pruned for JSF 2.4 (or whatever the new version will be), it will not be actually made optional until JSF 2.5.

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