CDI integration - decision

Pavel Bucek

Dear experts,

Thank you for a productive discussion about CDI integration. We now have a good understanding of what can be achieved when using the new CDI 2.0 API.

Our recent analysis has concluded that providing a better CDI integration would require more experimentation than what we can do in this minor release. We also don't want to introduce "hard" dependency on CDI API to the JAX-RS API as many JAX-RS developers rely on running JAX-RS outside of CDI context.

We agree that CDI can be used as the "glue" of the whole Java EE platform and JAX-RS can do more in terms of the CDI integration when running in a Java EE container. Currently, such enhancements are NOT forbidden at the spec level and JAX-RS providers are free to introduce support that goes beyond what JAX-RS spec mandates. Further experiment in this area can help to gather more feedback for any future re-evaluation of improved CDI/JAX-RS integration story. Also, this feedback may help CDI owners to provide public API enhancements to enable full JAX-RS /CDI integration in a portable way.

Thanks again for the discussion on the mailing list.

Best regards,
Pavel & Santiago

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