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Andy McCright

Hi Pavel,
If it is not too late, I'm wondering if we could clarify the uses of ClientBuilder.executorService(...) and scheduledExecutorService(...).
Are we saying that in a Java EE environment, these methods have no effect?  If so, can we change this text:
When running in a Java EE container, implementations are required to use the container-managed executor service.
When running in a Java EE container, this method will have no effect.  The container will always use the container-managed executor service.
and a similar change for the executorService method?
If instead we are saying that in a Java EE container, the default ES and SES are different than in Java SE, we should clarify it like this:
When running in a Java EE container, the default scheduled executor service will be the container-managed service.  In Java SE, this will be the ForkJoinPool service.
I think we should also clarify what methods will use these services.  The javadoc currently provides some guidance with:
     * @see Invocation.Builder#async()
     * @see Invocation.Builder#rx()
     * @see RxInvokerProvider#getRxInvoker(SyncInvoker, ExecutorService)
     * @see SseEventSource.Builder#reconnectingEvery(long, TimeUnit)
but what about Future objects returned from methods like buildGet().submit(...)?

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Subject: [jaxrs] Proposed Final Draft
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Dear experts,

we'd like to announce that Proposed Final Draft was published on JCP JSR
370 page [1].

I'd like to encourage you all to review provided artifacts and let us
know if you have any feedback.

Thanks and regards,
Pavel & Santiago



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