Re: Providers ordering


Hey Pavel,

thanks a lot for your quick reply.

see chapter 4.2.4:

An implementation MUST support application-provided entity providers and MUST use those in preference to its own pre-packaged providers when either could handle the same request. More precisely, step 4 in Section 4.2.1 and step 5 in Section 4.2.2 MUST prefer application-provided over pre-packaged entity providers.

Which i s the base of what I mentioned - there is one issue though - this is only about entity providers, not about ExceptionMappers, which are covered by chapter 4.3.

Thanks a lot for pointing me to section 4.2.4. But as you already wrote the current version of this statement just covers entity providers.

I believe we could include more general statement in chapter 4, which would say that application provided Providers have priority over build-ins (and maybe define what build-in is) OR we can say that implementation providers should have some concrete priority set - which could be simpler than formally defining built-in provider.

I would be fine with both options as both would fix the problem I mentioned. Although I think the latter one would should be preferred because it is much simpler.

Best regards



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