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By annotation I mean something like "@UseThisProviderOnlyIfNonIsBuiltIn" attached to an application-provided provider (certainly with a smarter name).


It is unrelated to any JIRA issue. I just came into my mind as we had this requirement several times in the past, which always ended up the same: The application provided a fallback provider (just to be sure there will be one), so the potential built-in one always was skipped -- rendering the built-in useless.


This annotation is needed whenever an application wants to trust a particular feature to be provided, but the JAX-RS specification does not mandate this feature. Thinks of support for OAuth for example, which is optional currently, but may be mandatory in future. Applications could provide own OAuth now and markt it as "fall-back-only". Or JSON-B. etc.




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On May 25, 2017, at 2:41 AM, Markus KARG <markus@...> wrote:


I do not see that we cannot change this. If we decide that a new, optional annotation will modify the precedence, this would be perfectly backwards compatible, as all non-annotated code will still work correctly.


 By an annotation you mean something like @PreferBuiltinProviders? I don’t see how that addresses the requirements outlined in JIRA 537.


— Santiago


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