Re: Built-in proxy support in Client API?

Pavel Bucek

Hi Andy, Dennis,

proxy port and proxy host can be already be defined by java property (http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort).

I'm not sure whether we can add proxy auth schemes at this point - if we'd start talking about security, wouldn't make sense to add auth support for standard client invocations?


On 25/05/2017 20:36, Andy McCright wrote:
Yeah, I think that makes sense.  So maybe instead of new methods on the Client/ClientBuilder we could add the following properties to Client:
public static final String PROXY_HOST_PROPERTY = "";
public static final String PROXY_PORT_PROPERTY = "";
public static final String PROXY_BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME_PROPERTY = "";
public static final String PROXY_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD_PROPERTY = "";
Assuming we have consensus, do we want to add this as part of Dennis's pull request[1], or should I create a new one?

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Hi Pavel,

I don't want to hijack the topic, I'm just saying that we can handle both cases in a common way.



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