Re: Jersey 2.26 released!

Pavel Bucek

Thanks, but the work is definitely not done yet.

This exercise is not trivial and we already know, that some JAX-RS features most likely won't be supported when Jersey runs on something else than HK2, which makes the effort harder (since Jersey should always be JAX-RS compliant ..).

Most of the times, it would be simpler for the application to adapt hk2 instead of their current injection container compared to migrating Jersey from hk2 to something else, since HK2 is usually a superset of what other containers offer.. :)

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On 08/09/2017 17:14, cowwoc wrote:

I'm glad to hear that the Jersey team has finally come around to the idea of abstracting-away the injection framework. This will be a huge step forward for Jersey.

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On 2017-09-08 10:49 AM, Pavel Bucek wrote:
Dear Jersey users,

It's my pleasure to announce that Jersey 2.26 has been released.

This release is a reference implementation of JAX-RS 2.1 (, which is part of Java EE 8.

Thanks everyone for participating and giving invaluable feedback, bug reports and pull requests.

Some information about new features can be found in the release notes

Added functionality should be already described in the user guide (, but there is always room for improvement - if you'll find insufficient or incorrect information there, please let us know via Jersey issue tracker:

Best regards,

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