Jersey 2.26 and jax-rs 2.1 maven dependency problem

Chris Olson

I'm attempting to pull in Jersey 2.6 with Gradle. Gradle complains that it can't resolve due to:
Could not HEAD '$%7Bpackaging.type%7D'

And when you visit the maven page, the "files" link returns a 404.
As you can see, the packaging .type variable is not getting resolved. I'm wondering if it's because the maven profile isn't getting set due to an incorrect <jdk> "profile activation" value.
The [jax-rs 2.1 POM][1] defines the "jdk8-"  profile as: 
I'm wondering if the (,9) is preventing any profile from getting picked up:
According to the maven [range spec][2], should it be this? 

I suspect this is a jax-rs pom problem. I've posted a message to the jax-rs group as well but thus far it's very difficult to determine who to contact for this (, user mailing list, stackoverflow,etc).

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